On the prowl for some cool iPad wallpapers to show off that gorgeous retina display? Well we’ve got some pretty cool ones if…well…if you’re into geometric shapes and such thanks to the creativity of Simon C. Page.

Simon created the “CUBEN 12 series”  to show of the retina display on the New iPad since there was a lack of decent wallpaper for the device. All of the wallpapers are spec’d at 2048×2048 at 264 dpi. This is to ensure that you get the same viewing angle in landscape or portrait mode. Here are a couple of the CUBEN examples (NOTE: these are just examples and are not retina display quality):



Curious about how these wallpapers were created? Simon explains the process:

“These pieces actually didn’t take long to create as they are just repetitions of this shape equally spaced with a double sized version over the top. I then picked out some nice colours, ran a random colour and transparency script, added some noise and hey presto.”

Itching to get your geometric fix? Hit the source link below to start your retina revolution.

Images from the website of Simon C. Page