Windows 8 Store Update Alert: Three new updates in the store


The Apps: sMedio Truelink+, and Euro Cup 2012 updates in the store bringing up new features and stability updates. I find the TrueLink player now more useful, this app is really showing great promises for the future.


I wonder if its going to replace the MediaCenter in a Metro-only environment like WOA tablets which is going to miss the desktop MCE.

The updates brings the much desired feature of Posting new Blog entries from the Metro App:


Pressing “New Post” opens you login screen from where you can authorize the application for your blog. If you have multiple blog accounts, you are presented with opportunity to select active account.



After authorization you can now start posting. Note that this is just the beginning, I assume they’ll be adding features going forward.


Unfortunately there is now way to insert pictures of video etc. Also the Metro App does not have a Metro Share Contract feature in which it can receive a picture from the Photo App for example. Hopefully they fix this in the future. Anyway it is a good app to quickly post on the go.

The Euro Cup is for this Summer’s EU Cup Championship:


I am not a football freak that much, so I haven’t really tested the app. But for those of you crazy about football, I guess this is the App for you.

With this influx of new useful Apps in the store, I am seeing myself spending more and more time in the Metro interface of Windows 8 and the Desktop will eventually be a thing of the past.

Let me know your experience with these apps.

— McAkins

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