Instagram is finally available for Android, but not everyone is excited. According to a CNN article, iOS users adopted a pretty snobby attitude when Instagram dropped into the Google Play market. That really isn’t surprising. The iOS platform is known to be used primarily by well off people. The Android user base is pointed more towards those on lower budgets and income.

Now not everyone will gravitate towards Instagram for Android. Lifehacker suggested 5 other better alternatives on the Android platform. I mean Instagram is just a fancy program with some nice filters right? Aren’t there plenty of full fledged photo editing apps out there? Well that’s up for debate.

But I’m not here to fuss about this right now. Instead we want to hear from you iOS and Android users.

How does it feel to you now that Instagram isn’t iOS only anymore? Do you feel that the Instagram user experience will be tainted with the influx of Android users? Vote first then sound off in the comments section below.