EA Sports held a special presentation to preview the sights and sounds of the 2013 version of NCAA Football.

Monday, April 2nd, 2012 marked a milestone in EA Sports as they revealed to the public a preview of the sights and sounds of their new version of NCAA Football. Featuring on this year’s cover will be Robert Griffin III, but there’s a catch. Not only will the Baylor QB be featured on the front page of EA Sports top seller but so will either Herschel Walker or Barry Sanders. Both of these athletes were voted to be in the top 2 of the vote and now the world most vite between the two.

One of the most talked about things around NCAA Football [the game] is that there have not been as many changes to the commentary and backgrounds noises like hits or crowd noise. This year EA Sports has changed these sounds and brought them to a whole, new level. The tech team at EA Sports went around to several college football games across the nation and recorded actual sounds, hits and noises heard at a live NCAA division game. Rumors and speculations have it that topping the list of traditional sounds heard on the game this year will be Georgia Tech’s Steam Whistle, Jump Around [House of Pain] at Camp Randall to start the 4th quarter and pre-game chants at many other games.

Many gamers complained about the delay, unrealism and other negative features found in the commentating in past NCAA Football versions. This year EA Sports brought Kirk Herbstreit and Brad Nessler into a recording studio, gave them the situation of the play and let them [unscripted] announce it the way they normally would during a game. As one of the game’s creator commented; this will create such a greater gaming experience in years past, this will be something that will be talked about for a long time.

[quote type=”medium” align=”left”] Oregon has lost their minds, but in a good way… We even have that chrome look they wore during the Rose Bowl. And after Oregon, now Oklahoma State has 11 alternates you can choose from in the game.[/quote]

Those were the comments Ben Haumiller had to say when questioned about the accuracy and corresponding number of uniforms available. Also this year you may catch a glimpse of never before seen uniforms.

[quote type=”medium” align=”left”]We work with the apparel companies and the schools to not only get the uniforms you saw last year, but we work with them to get some of the uniforms they are about to debut this season into the game, so we actually debut the new looks and show them off in the game before anyone sees them in real life.[/quote]

Once again, Haumiller stated that EA Sports is majorly improving the realism of the game by adding new looks to the game.

As well as uniforms, another aspect is a highly viewed area for gamers and that is each teams stadium, practice field and the game’s available high school stadiums that will now correspond to the area of the nation the high school is located within. Haumiller also added that the tech teams at EA Sports took the chance to go down to North Texas and FAU’s stadiums and complete an inch be inch scan that will be high points in the graphics used in the XBOX 720 and PlayStation 4.