Reliable sources have confirmed that CEO & Co-Founder of Pinterest, Paul Sciarra is leaving the newly formed online service. No official confirmation has been confirmed by Pinterest but many are speculating that he will be moving to a tier VC firm as an executive.

CEO & Co-Founder of Pinterest, Paul Sciarra

The co founder was one of  four individuals that started the 35+ million dollar site. Since the site was founded it has experiencde over 17 million unique visits per month [on a regular basis]. One of the major problems in the organization is the pinning of copyrighted images to the growing site. Though this change should not reveal major problems for the company it will be a change that will have a major effect on the organization.

Ben Silbermann and Evan Sharp and both still in place at Pinterst and it doesn’t appear that either will be making a sudden move. Silbermann is known as the CEO of the site while Sharp is well known for his contributions to the appearance and overall design of Pinterest.

One thing that potentially could have a major effect on Pinterest is the release of an iPad app. As Facebook once was, Pinterest does not have an official app on the Apple device. The release of an app on the iPad App Store could allow for Pinterest to grow and expand the already talked about millions of unique visitors per month.

Image Credit: Pinterest