iPad3- Keynote

iPad3- Keynote

Apple took the stage on March 7th and said that the new iPad would be available in 9 days. Since the March 16th release date many negative and positive comments have been made about the iPad. Many say it was only made to give people something to “cling” to while waiting on the iPad 4 to come out with supposedly a whole new design and layout.  Now we’re unveiling the good, bad, and ugly features of the iPad [3].
One of the most talked about features of the new iPad is its ability to reach 92.5 degrees Fahrenheit. Not sure if that’s a world record for iPads yet but it has got to be close. When compared to the iPad 2 there is a 10 degree difference in the maximum temperatures reached by one another.

From a positive aspect on the iPad there’s always the astounding number of 2048×1536 pixels included in the new iPad. Many improvements in the iPad are centered around the the retina screen but there is also a downside to these pixels. When set on full brightness like many users prefer, it does quite a job on the battery. The president of DisplayMate recently conducted a study on the new iPad’s battery and found this

“With the iPad off or sleeping, it now takes 5.5 hours from a complete discharge to fully charged”

Rumors have it that some users have had ranges from 8-10 hours to charge the battery from 0%-100%. Apple was also questioned about the accuracy of the battery percentage display and Apple had this to say;

“That circuitry is designed so you can keep your device plugged in as long as you would like”

He’s speaking of the feature that keeps the iPad from “overcharging” or causing long-term damage to your iPad or other iOS device. As he says above this has been a long term design of iOS devices and will stay that way. Also keep in mind there is almost a full hour and a half difference between the iPad 2 charging time and the new iPad’s changing time with the iPad 2 in lead.

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