One of the most annoying things about installing desktop apps on Windows is that they take you through a huge process of unnecessary steps. These tedious steps involve clicking through “Next”, “Next”, etc. most of the screen have option we never need to touch, like choosing a install destination. Furthermore, many installer also require you to go through screens that asks you to install other, unnecessary, software (also known as crapware), where we would have to uncheck items to prevent from those software from being installed.

There is a service called Ninite that gets rid of all this pain. Ninite lets you chick apps you want to install and creates an web installer for you. All you have to do is run the installer, and it will install all the apps for you. There is no clicking through “Next” and “Next”. Ninite also says no to any crapware and automates everything. Furthermore, Ninite will also install latest versions of the apps. So, if you have an app that needs updating, you can use ninite to  update the app. Ninite check the if an app you selected is already installed in your PC, and if it is out of date, it will update it for you. Isn’t that awesome.

Ninite is a great way to restore your favorite apps if you ever reinstall Windows or purchase a new PC. Just pick all the apps you use, and Ninite will install them fro you while you go and take a coffee break. I also like the fact that you can take the installer with you. So, you can create an installer for your favorite app and run it every time you need to restore all the apps!

It’s not the 90s people. We don’t need to go through massive installation procedures developed for complex software from the 90s that we needed to buy boxed in a store. Those software actually needed to guide users to installing them because users were not installing apps as frequently. Furthermore, steps like install location were important due to limited disk space. This is not the case. Apps should install in a click and without hassle. Fortunately, Ninite does this quite well!

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