New iPad Overview

iPad Overview

Not fully convinced about getting the new iPad? Why not? What’s there not to love about a gorgeous, beyond HD retina display? Or how can you can you not fall in love with the quad core graphics experience while hurling Angry Birds through space? Maybe the speedy dual core A5X processor isn’t enough to render all animations seamlessly and effortlessly? Ok you can stop drooling on your keyboard and view the overview of the new iPad past the break.

It is of worth to note that there is a full review of the new iPad in the works and will be released into the wild soon. Now while that review marinates a little longer, we’ve put together a little overview of Apple’s precious new born. The video was rough around the edges when first cut but there’s helpful hints in the video to help point out the right information for you.

Thinking about getting a new iPad? Got a new iPad? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below. Enjoy!

The New iPad Overview