For some of you out there, installing applications on your C: drive may not be a wise choice. I can cite a few examples:

  1. You are short of Disk Space on your C: drive
  2. You have an SSD Drive and a normal magnetic HDD as secondary drive. And like me, knowing that SSDs have a limited Write Cycles compared to magnetic HDDs, you want to point your install folder away from your SSD.
  3. You are running in a VHD and for speed you want to point your sessions and users folders to a physical location.

In all these scenarios, it is wise to change your User Folders and System Folders to another location. To set these folders you need to open the Registry and update your keys. Be warned, messing up in the registry is only for people who are versed with computers, if you are not sure, stay away from the registry.

To Set System Folders:

InstallFolders - 2012-03-17_105316
Note: Be sure to set Program folders to different locations for x86 and x64 bits if you are running a 64bit OS.

To Set your User Folders:


As you can see I have set my User Folders to somewhere else.

You need to reboot to load these new settings after you’re done.

– McAkins