It is not like a company such as Microsoft to admit that one of their product was actually bad and hated by customers. Microsoft PR never mentioned that Windows ME or Windows Vista had its problems and that people were not a fan of these products. When Windows 7 released, Microsoft PR did speak of how everyone loved Windows 7 remained silent about Vista’s reactions. It came to me as huge surprise to see Microsoft actually admitting that Internet Explorer was a hated browser and was not on par with the latest technology standard. They even made made a video about it!

To their credit, Microsoft did make great improvements with IE9 in terms of technology standards and performance. Microsoft, therefore, is asking you to give IE a second chance. Here’s the video. It is worth the watch.

If you can’t view the video above, there direct link to the video is here. They launched a website called “The Browser You Loved To Hate”, which can be found here.