Mivizu makes some very well built iPhone and iPad cases. They don’t come necessarily at a cheap price but I can honestly say their cases are worth the $25-$75 they cost. I had a chance to acquire one of their Verizon iPhone cases through a deal Techtronica was able to spark with Mivizu. Mivizu granted us some free products in return for good reviews, and customer recommendation. I can honestly say I am very impressed.

To start out, I have to say that the Mivizu case is the best case that I’ve tried so far. The way that it fits in the hand so comfortably is great, and the button accessibility is awesome. The case is a hard rubber case that comes in two pieces and snaps firmly around your iPhone. I found that even though one of the corners near the top seemed a bit loose, it didn’t compromise the overall solid structure of the case. I’ve dropped the case on multiple occasions on concrete, and tile, and even carpet floors. This case definitely held up it’s own while even bringing the case to rest on it’s back most of the time.

The overall feel of the case like I said is great. It actually has a little more back weight which I think is a great feature as concerns to falling. Having a little more back weight definitely allows the back of the device/case to contact the ground first while the secondary piece on the back actually cushioning the fall a little bit. This case has not in my estimation and examination of the case received any dents or scratches. As compared to the Griffin case I had on before the Mivizu case, the Mivizu case out performed in many areas. These areas including style, button accessibility, and overall fall durability.

On a rating of 1-10, one being the least desirable and 10 being the most desirable, I would be comfortable ranking the Mivizu case at around a 9.5. I am impressed overall by the construction and reliability of the case, and it’s ability to protect the phone at any level. Now I wouldn’t recommend accidentally dropping your phone off a building with any case because, well let’s face it, most cases are good for about a 5-7ft fall. In terms of the everyday user roaming about the city, or a business person, I would definitely recommend this case. If you would like to purchase this case, you can do so by going to http://mivizu.com/. I would also like to Thank Mivizu for this opportunity to try out their fantastic cases and screen protectors that they offer.

[review pros=”The case is rugged, and durable. Does well to protect the iPhone from fall damage and is visually appealing. It also allows easy access to the control buttons on the side and top.” cons=”There are no real cons to this case other then the total selection of colours for the cases. Other then that, there are no cons.” score=95]

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