iPad HD Image
Image From the Nexus 404

For the past week or so, new information has come to light as to what the official name for the new iPad will be. We truly won’t know until tomorrow when Apple CEO Tim Cook takes the stage, but there’s some pretty solid info that has turned up.

According to some investigating done by Gizmodo, the iPad 3 isn’t going to be called that at all. Instead, say hello to the iPad HD. Why the HD instead of the 3 you ask? The new iPad is rumored to feature the retina display. So what better way is there to promote that feature?

So how exactly did Gizmodo come across this info? Well it’s not uncommon for accessory companies like Belkin or Griffin to get a heads up (albeit it last minute) from Apple that a new product is about to be released. This way these companies can have their products ready to accompany the new iPad.

Griffin Product List
Image from Gizmodo

The image above shows Griffin iPad cases ready to roll for the new iPad. Notice the HD in the name. Apparently this naming format was done according to whatever word they got from Apple. Need Further proof?

Venture Beat went on the confirm what Gizmodo had reported in combination with information obtained from The Verge. It looks like the perfect storm here, folks. Multiple sites with multiple sources that seem to confirm one another. So I’m gonna take my leap of faith here and call the next iPad, the iPad HD. If this is found to be true, it would break the number system that we’ve all come to know and love from Apple. Tomorrow truly looks to be an interesting and enlightening day.

 NOTE: Devices matching the retina display resolution for the next iPad have been spotted in analytics systems on the web. Read the rest of Gizmodo’s post to find out more about that.