Wednesday, you might have noticed a change to your Facebook Pages you visit. Facebook rolled out a new and timeline-like theme to their pages layout. As an administrator to many pages on Facebook I can personally say there are many new things that will change the way you use your page and smaller things like profile picture sizes and cover photos.

One of my favorite, new features of the page theme is the private messages feature for all pages. Private messaging for the page will allow page administrators to send and receive messages directed towards their page. This could be a major feature to many pages that did not want to have their page owners viewed but still be able to receive messages from people wanting to contact the owners.

Another feature is the “new likes” tab in the Admin Panel. Facebook introduced this Admin Panel on Wednesday along with the new overhaul. The main purpose of the admin panel is to give users a more accessible way to view their new likes and notifications without having to go to multiple places. The Admin Panel combines notifications, new likes, messages, (mini) insights, and page tips together at the top of your page for all admins to easily access.

The only negative thing I can find about the new page theme is the page logo or better known as the “profile picture” is very different than the previous versions “vertical banner-like” picture. The Page logo has changed to a normal, square profile picture that is identical to individual user’s profile pictures.

As of now, a page Administrator has 2 options concerning their themes:

    1. You can stay in preview mode and wait until March 30th when all pages will convert to the new layout
    2. You can activate your pages now and switch to the new theme.

As was said above, Facebook will allow you to stay in your current pages theme until March 30th. On that day Facebook will convert all pages to the new format whether you have selected to do so or not.

Facebook has said that they will continue to evolve with appropriate changes that they feel is beneficial to their community. You can view all of your pages and see their preview by clicking here.