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Well it’s not unusual to hear that Apple yanked yet another app from the Mac App Store, but it’s another thing to hear the story behind a pulled piece of software. Unfortunately, Bryan Lunduke had to end up with the inconvenience of having his app shown the way out. But the story doesn’t end there.

Bryan's Daughter, Josie

(Pictured on the left is Bryan’s daughter, Josie, learning to walk with the help of his wife, Katie.)

It’s no secret that Apple removes apps if they violate established guidelines, but this time such a removal was caused by a “technical glitch in their systems” and Bryan had to find this out the hard way.

On February 18, Apple bounced Bryan’s app out of the Mac App Store and cut off the main supply for his income. Just imagine being fired from your job, but you have to check online to find out. That’s essentially what happened to Bryan.

Three days later Lunduke found out from Apple that a glitch had taken place within their system and not a thing could be done. Bryan further recounts his tale as follows:

We’ve lost nearly half a month of income (so far) due to this and there is also some question as to when we might hope to see payment from Apple for the previous month’s (January) software sales.  It looks like that may not happen any time soon.  (This isn’t the only case where Apple has hurt people who do things right lately.)

Read all of Bryan’s story here.

Indeed this wasn’t the only time an injustice involving Apple has been made. Matt Ryan, writer for LockerGnome, had to deal with both PayPal and Apple involving their scrupulous fraud policies. You can read about that here.

It’s awful for anyone to be dealt a hand from Apple like this, but it’s even worse when your livelyhood is being threatened. This is why I’m asking you, the reader, to help out.

I know we all have our times where we’re strapped for cash, but think about Bryan who can’t come up with enough to pay his bills. He has a family to support off of his income. I personally have donated towards this cause. Why? Because I know how it feels to come up short.

If you donate, you’ll get an email from Bryan with links to software and some freebies.

Help a fellow human being out. You never know when you may need it. Click here to directly donate to the cause.