Mobile World Congress 2012, ongoing in Barcelona, is currently on its’ second day – and already we are seeing some very interesting devices being unveiled. As expected, the biggest names in mobile technology are swarming like Flies to Honey as new things continue to be announced. This is truly the e3 of Mobile Devices, and as you’ll see, some of the highlights here really are ‘redefining mobile’ (as is the title of MWC). Jumping right in, I’d like to start with the Phone that appealed to me most personally; The Nokia 808 PureView…

It’s most interesting (and intimidating) feature is it’s unbelievable 41 mega-pixel camera! The Phone also boasts better performance in low light, though we have yet to see whether the MP count is just a number, or if the pictures are actually superior to those of other Phones.

It has a 4 inch AMOLED capacitive touchscreen (360×640 pixel resolution) display, and a 1.3 GHz ARM 11 processor. The backside camera can record in 1080p HD. The Phone runs on the Nokia Belle operating system (being an Android enthusiast myself, this is the only let-down). It’s dimensions are 123.9mm x 60.2mm x 13.9mm, and it’s weight is 169 grams. The battery can go for  11 hours of talk time and 465 hours of stand-by time; the Phone has 16gb of internal memory, and 512mb of RAM.

From the side it looks a lot like a Flip Camera, which leads me to believe that it’s pictures may actually be pretty decent. If so, we can expect lots of aspiring photographers after this piece of handiwork. What do you think? Is the pixel count enough to get you going? I know it is for me.

Get a full system run-down on Nokia’s Website.