iPhone 5 Mockup
Image from iPhoneinCanada.ca

According to a tipster I know who stopped by to comment on a post I had recently written, the iPhone 5, the fable iOS device is being shipped to “select corporate customers” for testing. This shouldn’t surprise anyone if found to be true (plus this also gives Apple plenty of lead way for testing before the rumored late summer/early fall release.) But one has to constantly wonder if rumors like these are true.

In the past Apple has been known lend some devices to a select few, but their typically hush hush about it. So IF rumors are floating about, it’s hard to confirm them. But despite that, here’s what my contact had to say:

Last week a friend showed me her “new” iPhone 4s from Craigslist for $200. It’s previous owner sold it cuz Apple (supposedly) is shipping theiPhone 5 to select corporate customers already. Interesting bit of information.

Here is a screen capture of the comment left on a post I wrote for further proof that I’m not just pulling this out of thin air. The name of the contact has been redacted for their protection:

I had asked the tipster to find out some more information from the person they got their information from. While reading this, please take this news with a grain of salt. Nothing has been confirmed or denied yet. Although I wonder if the alleged person you sold their iPhone 4S on Craigslist is in on this. Hmm…

An inquiry email (with a likely 0% chance of being given a straight answer to, if any at all) has been sent to Apple for comment on this matter. Hang tight for the follow up results from Apple and our tipster.