GOTSi Homepage

GOTSi Homepage

Nowadays we’re seeing many different small start-ups popping up all over the place. Many of them bring cool and interesting things to the table while others pollute the market with regurgitated features and promises. Well GOTSi is looking to add something to the tech community.

Today GOTSi pushed out their official press release to the public detailing their intentions. The site is aimed at those who are tired of the way popular social networks make changes to their sites and systems leaving the users disgruntled and upset. The network will be tailored to share your interests. Be looking for GOTSi to be up and running for everyone by March 4th.

Read on after the break for the official press release.

Jake Andreoli (Aero)
CEO, Xpherio Networks
+1 (657) 20G-OTSI

GOTSi to Release March 4th

WASHINGTON, DC – (February 26, 2012) This Sunday, Xpherio Networks (Xpherio) will
be launching GOTSi (Got-See), a social experience dedicated to its users, to the general public.

In 2011, Xpherio noticed that many users of current social networks across the web
were starting to lose ties with their network(s) of choice as the networks were making seemingly
unnecessary changes to the way users would interact with others. This led to the creation of a
network that grows with the people and how they feel their network should be run and built upon.

GOTSi was created by two high school students, Jake Andreoli and Jason Spriggs, and
has gone under a multi-stage beta process through 2011. Through this Xpherio has gained
insight on how the network should run and what users believe is the best layout for the

Including many basic social networking abilities, GOTSi allows users to: easily share
links and photos, organise followers by lists, edit profiles in-line, understand simple privacy
options; speak with developers to voice their opinion.
For the future, Xpherio plans to release the Xpherio ID, a system to easily login to any
other Xpherio product and outside the network itself.

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More information is available at