This weekend, three independent game studios have teamed up to create new video games in 60 hours in the name of charity.

The Humble Bundle is alive this weekend after teaming up with Mojang (Minecraft) to produce a new game by the end of the weekend in a project referred to as Mojam. Two other studios, Wolfire Games (Lugaru) and Oxeye Game Studios (Cobalt), have gotten in on the project as well, each bringing their own fair share of followers to the project.

Mojang ran a poll over the past few days asking for input on the type of gameplay and the theme that followers wanted the company to focus on. They then took the most popular and least popular options and combined them. The result was a “real time shoot ‘em up with an Egyptian Steampunk theme.” Mojang and Wolfire will tackle this guideline in their individual games while Oxeye will be creating a dungeon crawler beat ‘em up set in a post-apocalyptic World War II era.

Over the course of the weekend, each group will have a live stream going at all times on the Humble Bundle website. This unique portal into the lives of a development studio features on-screen views as well as a display of the staff working on the game. A live chat will also be available for viewers alongside the stream.

The Humble Bundle Mojam is unique in that fact that none of the proceeds will go to developers or the bundle itself. Rather, proceeds will be split between four different charities: Electronic Frontier Foundation, Child’s Play, American Red Cross, and Charity: Water.

In addition, Markus Persson (Notch) has vouched to shave his infamous beard if the total contributions of the project surpasses half a million dollars.

Those interested can find the familiar Humble Bundle payment form on the official website, which will generate a link to play the games. Each game will receive updates as the weekend goes on, with the final products being released at the end of the drive.