imageYesterday, Apple did what it has never done before: Announce a product before it is ready!

Mary-Jo Foley asked if it is because Apple is borrowing a book from Microsoft of the past on disclosure, because the Microsoft of today has gone Apple’s route of not disclosing product until it is ready?

Well, some of us watchers in the industry know better. There is a flame brewing at Microsoft at the moment, and it is going to be an all-out consuming fire. It is called Windows8! And Apple is feeling the heat already. That is the only thing that can make Apple make such a desperate move considered by many as bizarre at this point in time.


Mountain Lion is a product half-year away, Microsoft is about to release to the public a Consumer usable version of Windows 8. Those of that have been using the Developer Preview rave about it to no end because it’s a solid product. If you’ve used Windows Phone 7 you will know what I am talking about. It is the single mobile platform that scores 100% satisfaction rate by the users at the moment. Microsoft is moving that now to the desktop, a perfect storm for both Windows and Windows Phone. Millions will adopt and use Windows 8, fall in love with it, and ask themselves where Windows Phone has been all their lives.

There is no-one that does integration like Microsoft, yes forget iCloud. Microsoft is King of integration. With Windows 8 coming fast, building on the success of Windows Phone, and Windows Phone 8 in the horizon, the future is bright for Microsoft. Apple know this, that is why this panic move from them. And you know who else noticed? The investors! For the first time in about 10 years, Microsoft stock climbed above $30. You think the investors are stupid? S&P 500 is about to increase Microsoft ratings. That says something.

End of this month is going to be a break or make for Microsoft. That is when the publicly usable version of Windows 8 will debute for everyone. My money is already on Microsoft at this point in time.