When Mega64, impersonating Mojang’s creator, Notch, unveiled a box filled with Legos and announced to a crowd of people at Minecon that he had “brought Minecraft out of the computer and into the realm of physical reality,” the world laughed at his joke. Except for the people who believed it could be done.

Today, members of the Minecraft team including Notch, Jeb, Jon, Lydia, and Carl, unveiled the first official Lego Minecraft set at the Bella Center in Copenhagen. The “Lego Minecraft Micro World” set is a 480-piece (including a special Steve and Creeper figurine) collection designed to get creators started building their own Minecraft worlds in the realm of “physical reality,” as they’ve come to acknowledge it.

They made an announcement video to go along with it, in true Mojang tradition.

The Lego Minecraft set is the third collection to be introduced through Lego’s recently developed Cuusoo program. Builders log on to the site and pitch their design ideas to the community. If a viewer likes it, they can voice their opinion with a built in voting system. Once a product gains enough approval from the community (10,000 supporters), Lego will take a look at the concept and weigh in. If they like it enough, as they did with Minecraft, they take it under their wing and make it a reality.

In Mojang’s case, enough people were suggesting the idea on their own that Lego had to contact Notch and request that they make an official Cuusoo page to keep the supporters straight. It’s not yet certain whether or not the Minecraft Micro World will remain as a lone set or become its own series. Let’s just hope it turns out better than Mega64 made it seem.

While the product is not set to launch until this summer, pre-orders have been opened on the official J!NX Minecraft page. The set is selling for $34.99.