It appears that Microsoft will finally change its legacy Windows logo, a flag of four colors. Though Microsoft did tweak its logo several times in the past, it always kept its identity as the Windows flag. However, the new Windows 8 logo seems to be a complete departure from the flag to a new “metro style” logo.

This new logo sports a 3D, flat, tiled window. It was leaked in the past days, and, not surprisingly, people doubted its legitimacy. However, according to The Verge, Microsoft confirmed that this logo was indeed a rough prototype of the new logo; that it is part of the “Windows Reimagined” scheme.

Windows Logo History

The Windows logo was first introduced with Windows 3x release. The logo was a colorful Windows flag with panels and four tiles, each with an unique color. One side of the flag was designed to look like it was shattering. This flag was featured at both horizontal angle and a tilted angle.

Microsoft changed this well known branded flag with the release of Windows XP. It enhanced the color, adding lighting effects, and removed the shatter and the black panels between the tiles.

With Windows Vista, the flag was enhanced to a more glossy look. This logo was also featured in a glass orb.

The flag was flattened with Windows 8 Developer Preview. And now, here we possibly have a completely new, reimagined, logo with the the release of the RTM version of Windows 8.

 The Windows Logo Evolution

Windows Logo Evolution

The Full Windows 8 Logo