Reports from the Wall Street Journal suggested that Verizon and AT&T were going to be in for quite a test over the course of 2012. Their LTE networks, which for those who don’t know what LTE is, it is a fourth generation wireless technology being widely adopted by many major carriers in the US as the next step in wireless reliablity and speed on the go. The Wall Street Journal showed reports that Apple plans to release their iPad 3, 4G model sometime in early March. Whether this is true or not, many sources show much anticipation for the launch of the next iPad for the simple reason is it begins to put to test, the actual strength of the fourth Generation LTE wireless technology’s infrustructure. Verizon and AT&T as of now are the only confirmed sellers of the newest iPad as Apple, Sprint, and T-Mobile declined to comment when asked about a possible release.

I for one am very excited for such a launch. the LTE network has been a big push for companies like Verizon and AT&T, and as of recent, Sprint. The LTE network offered by Verizon covers about 200 million people in the US, and they are projected to have their entire 3G (CDMA/EVDO) footprint covered by the end of 2013. Let’s not hold our breath for this one, as we have seen some troubles with LTE among Verizon and AT&T alike. Both are pushing to gain more users in the switch to LTE, and in some areas the switch has been so dramatic that it has put a strain on the network. Verizon so far, with their network issues have seemed to vamp things up in areas where these LTE and 3G outages have been occuring.

The iPad 3 running on 4G LTE wireless technology will be a massive force to move into the tablet world. Seen as according to the Wall Street Journal, iPads or tablet computers in general use about 4 times more wireless data than Apple’s best selling device, the iPhone. It will be interesting to see how this battle unfolds as AT&T and Verizon push to expand their LTE network, while trying to keep it strong at the same time.