In a town of Albemarle, North Carolina a video was filmed about a father who punished his 15 year old daughter via. Facebook, YouTube, and now national television. This story has made national news, local headlines, and has gone completely viral. The initial YouTube video has over 14 million views and is within 70,000 of reaching 15 million.

The video was filmed by and featured “Tommy Jordan” who is the father of Hannah Jordan speaking of the wrong things his daughter posted on her Facebook and revealed his ultimate punishment. There are only 2 sides to this viral punishment. Either you love what the father did and you 100% support it or you think what he did was in violation of every “right” the daughter has/had. On top of all of this he has used the publicity for some charity on his own Facebook page which has had over 20,000 subscribers since the video was posted. He is promoting the “Muscular Dystrophy Association”. You can view his page in which you can donate money to by clicking here.

As of now Tommy Jordan plans to not let anything positive come out of this for his daughter though there is a positive side for him. As of early this morning Ads were placed on the site allowing him to gain profit from each one. Sounds like an excellent way to gain from someone else’s fault. Mr. Jordan seems to be having some very humorous moments due to all the publicity including the Facebook posts within the time he posted the video which are at the bottom of the page.

Tommy Jordan’s Facebook Posts:

“I just had a friend run Good Morning America off my lawn.. grr… They came running into the bedroom an hour ago and said “What do we do? Good Morning America is at your front door?” I said “let ’em wait” and went back to sleep for another half hour…” – 2/11/2012 9:18am EST

Oh yeah Tommy?

“Apparently both the local police and the department of social services are OK with it. Yes they came. Of course they came. They received enough “Oh my god he’s going to kill his daughter” comments that they had to. I knew that the moment it went viral.. it was too late and it was inevitable. I’m only surprised it took as long as it did to be honest. The police by the way said “Kudos, Sir” and most of them made their kids watch it. I actually had a “thank you” from an entire detectives squad. And another police officer is using it in a positive manner in his presentation for the school system. How’s about those apples? Didn’t expect THAT when you called the cops did you? The kind lady from Child Protective Services looked all through the house, the yard, and found ours to be a healthy home. She saw the unloaded guns in their rack with the magazines removed and stored separately and safely. Funny thing: The case officer asked to see “the gun”…. “Umm, sir, may I see the actual..umm.. weapon used for the video?” She wasn’t at all scared of me but I could tell she doesn’t like guns as a general rule. To each their own though. She was comfortable that I was adhering to NC gun safety regulations for the protection of minors, and that’s all she needed. But of course if you want to continue, I’m just going to leave a pot of coffee on for the next officers who come by. (Digress: Maybe I can get Krispy Kreme to sponsor me with lifetime donuts? Oh God that would be heaven. Dunkin? Crap… KK all the way….) She asked if I minded if she interviewed my daughter privately but that I didn’t have to agree. I let her meet in private and then she and I met for about an hour and a half. At the end of the day, no I’m not losing my kids, no one’s in danger of being ripped from our home that I know of, and I actually got to spend some time with the nice lady and learn some cool parenting tips that I didn’t know.. I use them on my 8 year old son, but not on my fifteen year old daughter.. but now I will! There were a few things I thought she was “too old” for, but after talking to the case worker, I feel like it’s worth a shot to try them. Maybe I’ll sell those secrets in my next book! (Seriously? You just got mad didn’t you? I’m kidding. Besides, that would still only give me two pages of material- one parent tip page and one page on handgun selection techniques appropriate for different electronic destructive purposes.)” -2/11/2012 3:00am EST.

Life seems to be getting interesting

“HOLY MOLY! We just got a $400 donation from ONE VIEWER on the MDA page! Sir, thank you from the bottom of all our hearts! WHOA!” -2/10/2012 9:46pm

That money is going towards a worthy cause

“PS: CBS just called and offered us our own show. The ceiling of absurdity has just been reached.” -2/10/2012 6:36pm

Just from one video???

“Never again in my entire life will I ever do anything that garnishes this much attention, both positive and negative. I really wished we’d been prepared or something… this seems like a great time to stand up and say “Stay in School” and “Drugs are bad” and so many other things. I’m just not that complex a person to know what to do with it. Never again will I have the opportunity to speak to so many people about anything.. and instead I’m sitting here stupefied.” -2/10/12 2:32pm

So NOW he’s learning his lesson about making viral videos

“I don’t know what to think, say or feel today. My family is the single number one most popular topic in the world today…, not IN the top of the list, not on the top 10 list.. I mean actually the single most trending thing in the entire world. Is now a good to mention my political beliefs? lol Wow. I’m floored, astounded…. I’m just sitting here in pure amazement. Who knew? I don’t even know what to think” -2/10/2012 2:24pm

I bet he’s going to try and stay out of the spotlight from now on. Enjoy your time of fame Tommy Jordan