Since its initial release in 2011, Apple’s iPad 2 has been on fire in the tech world, becoming one of the best-selling tablets on the market and changing the way the world views tablet technology. However, investments such as these do not come cheaply. If you’re anything like me, you want to keep your technology out of harm’s way with reliable protection. Apple offers several accessories for their own device, yet consumers want more. Thankfully, companies like Mivizu are there for us with products like the Mivizu Sense Apple iPad 2 Leather Case.

I’ve had the pleasure of sampling this product for several weeks now, and I’m pleased to begin with saying that this case is a fine, high-quality product. From the first moment, Mivizu has proven themselves with this product, which arrived at my doorstep in a nice decorative box. The case was enclosed, wrapped in a cloth and padded to provide the form.

The case itself is simple to use; an opening on its side allows for easy insertion. Openings around the perimeter of the case align with the various buttons and speakers on the iPad. The flexible cover of the case is similar to that of Apple’s own Smart Cover, though less sturdy. A magnetic strip on the edge is designed to lock and unlock your iPad upon closing and opening. The back of the case features heavy padding, which adds a little extra bulk to the overall design, but is ultimately extra protection.

As previously stated, I’ve had the pleasure of using this case for several weeks now, and I’ve yet to be seriously disappointed by it. Like all things, there are a few minor issues I’ve stumbled upon through constant use, but they are few and infrequent and should not interfere with a positive experience.

One such example is an issue with the magnetic strip in the cover. It will rarely lock and unlock the iPad from the back, which can prove to be a minor annoyance depending on how frequently it happens. A simple solution I have found is to fold the cover in half, which prevents it from happening. Ironically, I’ve also found that the proper locking is not always reliable, most likely due to the layer of leather it must pass through to reach the device.

Another minor issue I have found is that the case fits loosely on the device, allowing it to slide slightly. I’ve noticed this when propping it up using the case’s foldable stand. This only proves to be inconvenient in a couple situations, such as trying to press the send button in iMessage.

These issues truly are minor, however. Ultimately, I haven’t found anything about the case to seriously complain about. It is most definitely an impressive product, and certainly a pleasure to see. While my case came in black, they also come in blue, pink, green, and grey. They are available from at $59.95 each.

In summary, here are my concluding thoughts on the Mivizu Sense Apple iPad 2 Leather Case:


  • Sleek leather design in a variety of colors.
  • Professional-looking appearance.
  • Durable leather with a padded back.
  • Excellent delivery and packaging.


  • Device shifts slightly in the case.
  • Accidental locking from the back.
  • $60 price tag is excellent for the quality, but high enough that it may be unavailable to some.

Ultimately, I would definitely recommend this product if you’re willing to pay the money for it. There are certainly cheaper options out there, but few can compare to the superior quality and design that Mivizu provides. If style is important to you, this case is your ticket to attracting some extra attention to your iPad 2.

[review pros=”Mivizu delivers a high-quality case that rivals some of the best in the market at a moderate price.” cons=”Minor issues with design provide infrequent issues.” score=90]