Like many of you out there, I’m still rocking the iPad 1. For a long time I was using the Explorer iPad case by Merkury Innovations, but after a little over a year I needed to get a new case. So our great friends over at Mivizu sent one of their Primo iPad cases along for review. The video below will host most of the details about the case which we ask you to take a look at. The video will primarily serve as an overview of the case. If you just want the highlights, check out the bullet points and review score box after the video.

iPad Case Highlights

  • The case has a rather professional look and feel about it. You shant be afraid to pull this out of your briefcase. It also has cushioning on the front and back cover exteriors.
  • There is a nice pocket on the inside of the front cover to store notes and business cards. I don’t suggest putting too much in there.
  • The case is UV radiation resistant.
  • The case has a magnetic clasp-like lock.
  • The case also features a stand to support the iPad in portrait mode.

        Some interesting things to point out

  • The speaker holes don’t exactly line up with the iPad speakers. Doesn’t seem to affect sound much.
  • An unexplainable bump appears to be on the inside of the front cover as seen here. It may just be this case. It has no affect on the screen.
  • There is stand support in landscape mode, but I find it a little lacking. You would have to somewhat carefully place the iPad into landscape mode. the kickstand is supported by the front cover flipped back.
  • The case costs $69. I assume the leather comes at a price.

The Bottom Line

[review pros=”Rather durable. Has a nice feel to it. All buttons are easily accessible. Don’t be afraid to leave your iPad in the sun (for long), it’s UV resistant. And who doesn’t like leather?” cons=”A tad bit on the pricey side” score=80]

If you are interested in this case, had down below to the source link to purchase your own case.

NOTE: Please let us know if you like this review format. We’re trying not to bore you with a wordy review ;)

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