For a while now, we’ve been working on a way to get the community more involved with what happens on Techtronica. Sure we have a nice commenting system and sure you all give great feedback, but we feel it really limits the user’s involvement in the site. So the senior staffers have been going over ideas to increase involvement and have come up with something to start off with.

Today we are proud to introduce to you the Techtronica Community Forum.

The new community site is where anyone can come to talk. From a public view, the site is split into 3  sections. First we have the General Grid. This is where all of the everyday generic talk goes. Next we have the Tech Help Grid. If you ever have any type of tech questions, you would just post in the subsequent categories and help will arrive shortly. Last, but certainly not least, is the [Alt] Help Grid. For this section, we wanted to go beyond the tech world and reach out to those who need help in the real world. Whether it be help with school or job suggestions, we want to be there for our community. That is why the site is open to all who wish to join and contribute.

Please note that changes are still being made to the site. So if something is not working or you have a suggestion, please find the appropriate board to post in.

If you wish to sign up on the community today, head on over to

NOTE: Guest posting is disabled as a security measure.