December of 2011 was a big month for The Humble Bundle as its fourth edition broke old records and set new ones. It was an all-out effort featuring games such as Cave Story+ and Super Meat Boy, accompanied by The Humble Bundle 3 and soundtracks. In the end, their work paid off, breaking the $2 million mark with 380,000 bundles sold and three days go to. but this year, the team is working to keep the excitement flowing with their latest bundle, which features a revolutionary twist to the series: The Humble Bundle For Android (And Linux. And Mac. And Windows.).

The concept of The Humble Bundle remains the same: “Pay what you want for awesome games. Support charity.” Simply pay however much or little you’d like, splitting the proceeds between developers, charities, and maintenance for the bundle itself. The charities featured this time are Child’s Play and Electronic Frontier Foundation, returning after a brief donation period to the Red Cross in the previous bundle.
For the first time ever, The Humble Bundle has expanded its services beyond traditional computers and embraced the mobile gamer using an Android phone. Each of the games included in the bundle will come with downloads for Android phones, as well as the usual Windows, Mac, and Linux, Steam keys, and MP3/FLAC soundtracks.

This time, the Humble Bundle for Android features the following games:

  • Anomaly: Warzone Earth
  • Osmos
  • EDGE

In addition, if you pay more than the average price, you will also receive World of Goo.

While some of these games have been featured in previous bundles, this is the first time they’ve left the computer screen and entered your mobile phone. Along with the traditional download page is a simple guide to claiming your games on your device. As always, Humble Support will be available to assist with any difficulties that surface in the process.

It is unclear to whether or not more games will be added to the collection as time goes on. In the past, it has not been uncommon for additions to be made to the bundle following the debut. However, due to the unusual nature of the bundle and its focus on Android-compatible games, not every game would be eligible for entry.

The implications of this bundle are significant as well. Including the Android OS is a huge step for the bundle. Is it possible that we might see iOS compatibility added in the not-so-distant future?

If you’re interested in taking advantage of this deal, act soon; the Humble Bundle for Android is only available for a limited time at!

2/9/12 Update: In an announcement earlier today, the Humble Bundle for Android has added the cartoon-ish puzzle-solving Toki Tori to its collection. In addition, an announcement was made stating that an Android app for the Humble Bundle is being beta tested to organize your games.