Boy I sure do remember when Google+ first was brought to light. Almost like it was yesterday. Well in the world of tech, it virtually was yesterday. Google+ is only an infant in our eyes, but it is already showing signs of greatness.

For a while only a select few were able to take a glimpse at its glory until a way was made for outsiders to beta test the once closed-beta site. I first truly came across the now popular alternative to Twitter and Facebook as shown in So What’s Google+ Anyway? [Vid of the Day]. The very next day I was able to get an invite and the world of Google+ was revealed to me. Ever since then the new social media service has grown exponentially and just recently hit the 90 million user mark.

As of January 19, CEO Larry Page announced the 90 million milestone at Google’s earnings presentation. What’s even more impressive is that it took Facebook around 4 years to even see a number like that. Google+ launched June 28, 2011 to a closed select few. Then invites started to trickle out and opened up the doors to those 18 or older without the need for an invitation on September 20. Well things have obviously since changed now that 2011 has come to a close.

According to analysts, Google+ was engineered to go head to head with the social network giant, Facebook, and offer an alternate solution for those who are tired of the drama (or dare we say boredom) of Big Blue.

So if you’re looking into a new service to try or an alternative to look to, we recommend Google+.

Not sure how to start out? We’ve got the goods for Google+ newbies