There was a time as an Apple MacBook user you see yourself as chique, elite and special. Gone are those days as you can see. You are now part of the drones, the funniest thing is you can’t get out anymore. Once you bite that Apple, you are sold for life. The bitten Apple logo is not for nothing.

From all the PCs in this classroom, I can only see one unique PC, an ACER pc, so who is now different? (The PC pun is intended. Macs are also PCs). Can you dare to be different in such a class, I challenge you to Be Different!

Its like those flocking to Chrome from IE, a lot many people jumped the gun on the PC platform because of the Switcher Ads from Apple that convinced the world Microsoft platform is NOT cool, and full of viruses. Well I have news for you, Apple’s platform is NOT secure and battle-tested as you think. It is the first to get Pawned time after time in Security contests. The PC and IE are battle-tested platforms. Windows 7 is the most secured platform at the moment. Don’t listen to me, listen to the NSA.

Some of us that use the PC and IE will never change, not because we are stupid like the popular tech blogoshpere would want you to believe, but because we live at the War-front, we get Battle-hardened. We know how to protect ourselves. So, the masses are now on the MacBook, and where the sheep go, the Wolves would follow. So maybe the PC platform will get a rest now.

Suffice to say, PC users are now the niche, unique people. Think Different, use a PC!