Object printed out by a 3D printer
Object printed out by 3D printers
Object printed out by a 3D printer

What if I told you that you can print out real objects? In fact, it is not as much of a fantasy as you may think. Today, we have real, usable, 3D printers that are able to print out 3D objects based on CAD (Computer Aided Design) data.

I am going to share with you this video that talks about it in detail. It demos the product, shows how it works, and gives insights on the implication these devices may have on our society and manufacturing as we know it.
Before getting started with the video, though, I would like to point out some key things. First of all, the most amazing part of this printer is that we can now download any digital data of real objects and have them print out. This is huge, as perhaps in the future, we would only need to download objects we want or spare parts we may need, rather than ordering them to be delivered to our house.
Secondly, because these printers are able to “print” out objects with intricate designs, we may see more “futuristic” designed and efficient objects that would have been very difficult or costly to build otherwise.
With that, sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!