The 8tracks Slogan.

The history of anything is important, even technology, and innovations are always overthrown. The radio has seen it’s fair share of competition, and now it has even more. A new app for Android, iOS, PC and Mac called 8tracks is trying to get up there, and proclaims itself as “the best internet radio.” You may ask why it’s so much different than any other radio stations, or the radio itself? Well think like this, why do we listen to the radio?

The 8tacks icon.

The radio gives us great music, but we can get that on sites like Youtube or Vevo, why should we switch to 8tracks when their are so many great music sites. Well see in sites like youtube you have to search the specific song, not really anything new, but in 8tracks you search genre and there are plenty of user-made mixes, for example you may stumble upon a Dubstep mix, and it will play a dubstep song one after another, and you just might find a new song to add to your personal list of favorites. That’s what the radio did for us, but it was contaminated with numerous ads in between songs, and unnecessary pauses. In 8tracks there is none of that, you make an account and go, it’s as simple as that. Another thing is that you can save a mix onto your phone, or iPod and you won’t need internet connection later on to go through that mix on the streets or alone at some party with nothing better to do.

The community is already huge, and is growing at a very rapid pace, why not join it. Oh, and one thing I forgot to mention is that it’s all free, making a mix is free, listening is free, and downloading is free! The developers of 8tracks can keep this because I am pretty sure they have made a deal with big music companies, to make money 8tracks won’t let you skip more than 3 songs per hour. It’s a small drawback but it adds a more “radio effect” to the app, and allows to keep everything running.

This app is rising to the top, and soon maybe another must-have app on your computer, or device, like Angry Birds.  Oh and the very best thing, it’s all free. Go check it out, it’s a unique idea, and is worth the few seconds to sign up and listen to some of your favorite genres of music.

The opinions in this article are solely those of Mughda Khondker.