During the NFC Playoffs late Sunday Night in Overtime Twitter was giving the entire world the “whale” and for some the “robot”. I was getting on Twitter to post a message about or #TTGS (Our Techtronica Admin reference) when I came across the error message. Everyone that I personally knew was getting the whale or robot so to answer many questions I have been receiving and answering, “Yes Twitter is (as of 10:38) still giving many people error messages and trouble. So with this just being the NFC Playoff game, will Twitter be able to survive the SuperBowl or will work be done before the SuperBowl to better prepare for the crowds? Comment and let us know what you think below!

[UPDATE]: http://grab.by/bE78 Twitter is now “Down for Maintenance”  (10:42PM Sunday Night)

[UPDATE]: Twitter is now up for many US users (12:10AM Monday Morning)