[Posted with permission from Techni Hype by thepracticalgeek]

We have all heard of the popular iOS and android game, Words with Friends. However, this game has helped save a mans life.

Australian resident Georgie Fletcher met Beth Legler from Blue Springs, Missouri through a random Words With Friends game. Georgie’s husband Simon was experiencing some health problems, which Beth described to her husband Larry, who is a doctor.

Larry recognized the symptoms and urged Simon to go to a hospital, which turned out to be a last minute call, since Simon had a 99% blockage near his heart – an extremely serious condition.

“Had Larry not sent that message I don’t think Simon would have gone to the doctor that day,” Beth said.

Three months later, Simon is alive and well and very thankful for that Words With Friends game. “I owe Larry everything…I’m really lucky to be here,” admits Simon.

While playing Words With Friends can have its benefits, one should take care not to overdo it. The popular game recently hit the news when Alec Baldwin got booted off a plane for refusing to stop playing.

This was a story I found on mashable which I found amazing and had to share this with you. I must also say that you cannot be too sure about who is on the other end of these games and you should take care and such when playing with random people.