One of the biggest things going on right now is the growing ability for schools to purchase and maintain the use for iPads in schools. Every level from elementary to college has 2 different sides to it. Either you’re saying, “iPads are a need to all levels of education and should be used because of their amazing capabilities and students prefer to use them” or you’re saying, “iPads aren’t a need in school because all they’ll do is cause a distraction to the learning environment which no one needs. We’ve never done this before so why now?”. Well, the Riverside Unified School District in Riverside, CA adopted the world’s first known iPad-Curriculum based learning system. Many people criticized this act but the school had a set mind to use this opportunity to better understand how they could attempt to enrich their own learning environment. So what were the results? Well, the math scores of the students that used the iPads gained 20% in scores compared to those who used the “traditional” paper textbooks.

In my opinion, you are empowering the students to have the best resources available by using the newest technology which gives the students an advantage to students having to use the outdated textbooks. If the school system has the money available to purchase the iPads then they should most definitely invest in the devices and get the appropriate software to use on these great iPads. No school system should abuse the chance to get ahold of these great uses for education!

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