Ever sit at home, wishing you didn’t have to get up from your comfortable couch and leave your nice widescreen television, just to get some fast food? I mean, if it’s so fast, it should be able to come to you – right? That’s exactly what Burger King is thinking, too; so they’ve begun to offer to delivery in certain areas. It’s on a trial basis right now, but the company plans to expand the service to 16 locations by Jan. 23rd, says BK corp.

It’s no surprise that someone is taking up this idea – and if it fleshes out, you can expect to see McDonalds (who already offers delivery in two of it’s Manhattan locations) and Wendy’s following in it’s path. To order, though, you need to purchase something higher than $8 to $10 dollars, and then there’s that pesky $2 delivery fee. Worried about cold food? Don’t fret! New innovations in fast-food technology tell us that BK has developed special thermo-bags that keep your food warm and fresh (but they still won’t deliver outside a 10-minute radius – go figure).

You work hard, and can’t be bothered to make the 10 minute trip from home to one of our fine American eateries – I mean, if you wanted to lose calories you wouldn’t be eating Burger King anyway. Anti-Social? That’s fine too. You can order online here.

So how do you feel about fast-food delivery? Is it the next big money-making service in the industry, or is it doomed to fail (unlikely)?