President Obama took to the stage last night to deliver a fundraiser speech at the famous Apollo Theater in New York City. Now we’ve all seen the president speak before. But this time around he pulled something that almost none of the viewing audience would expect (you’ll see why I said almost when you watch the video below.)

This fundraising event was undoubtedly for Obama’s reelection campaign. Earlier there had been a dinner where the president partook in a fine meal with 45 other guests at the famous director Spike Lee’s home. If you happened to have had an extra $35,800 lying around, you could’ve rubbed shoulders with Nick Cannon, Mariah Carey, and former Knicks legend Allan Houston.

Still, that dinner didn’t quite seem to top what the president did at the Apollo theater. Take a look:

Apparently Reverend Al Green was in the audience and watched as Obama snuck in a line of one of Green’s Soul music hits. Before that moment, I would’ve never believed that President Obama had any kind of singing ability. I guess we all learned something new here today, huh?

Not bad Mr. President. Not bad.