SOPA stands for Stop Online Piracy Act. It is attempting to stop piracy in the US by censoring international sites that are claimed to host pirated content. There is no due process when it comes to checking the legitimacy of the claim. A claimed site will automatically be censored in the United States. This act, as most technology experts believe, will break the internet as we know it!

You can learn more about it here:

The great news is that people and organizations have been protesting against this bill and the results are positive. More and more congressperson and senators are now backing away from this bill. Even President Obama has provided his concerns with this bill.

But the bill is not yet dead. As such, we still need to be motivated in letting our voice be heard. There are websites designed to help us send our concerns to our congress representatives. We will post a few here.

This wikipedia page lets you contact the right person once you enter in your zip code

You can use the american censorship website to send your congressperson an email noting your opposition to the bill.

This website lets you ask President Obama to go ahead and veto the bill should it pass.

Thanks for helping to keep the internet open and free!

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