One of my favorite things to write and talk about as a writer and reporter is new technology in local schools. As we earlier posted about Techtronica being featured in Habersham Central’s News program as a standard “commercial” in which we did for non-profit and just to get our word out to teens in communities! One of the things I was given the privilege to participate in as a student at HCHS was the Video/Production class which composed these newscast as 3 different channels. Channel 2, 3 & 4. [Different Periods had their own number] served as our primary names and each channel was graded for their performance uses of technology, etc.

The above all, best thing about this class was this was all brand new technology in a brand new high school. What more could you possibly ask for? We were supplied with an innovative Tri-Caster from NewTek, Sound Board, Mac Pro, Green Screen, Teleprompter, Wireless Mics, Ability to create virtual sets, Panasonic Cameras and more! All of this technology gave as the ability to learn skills that could enable is to produce professional quality videos in an educational environment and standpoint. (No, that was not from our Syllabus) On top of all of this we also had 8 computers operating Windows 7 and another 8 computers (Macs) in the lab running OSX Lion. This was an absolute heaven for myself and any other person that feels “at home” with technology.

Below I have posted pictures of the majority of the equipment used in the control room and recording studio by the classes:

1 of 3 of our Teleprompter Viewers- This is used for our anchors to read their scripts


One of our 3 cameras in our recording room used for production. (Panasonic)
Here is our Sound Board used for daily news production for our recording studio.
A birds-eye view of our front table that controls most of what is recorded in the recording room
Our overhead lights used when production is taking place
Here is our green screen. This allows our TriCaster (below) to use very special affects
Our NewTek TriCaster: This allows us to put our anchors in virtual sets and make very realistic, professional settings
Here is our MacPro used for editing and remastering all of our productions that will be played on our daily news.

Hope you enjoyed seeing a very in-detailed view of the HCHS Video Production Recording & Control Room!