Rumors speculate a March release of the iPad 3 which is said to be in full production.

As of late one of Apple’s highest selling products has been a part of world-wide news but will Apple survive without the Steve Jobs Keynotes? As of late there has been a lot of speculation on the iPad and we’ve got the scoop. Some of the major rumors going around about the new iPad is that it will have the capability to access AT&T 4G and Verizon’s LTE Network. The most talked about feature though would have to be the higher resolution camera and display. Many people are speculating about when the iPad first went into production but the average time that we have seen was in the very beginning of January. Another [rumored] aspect of the iPad 3 is its quad-processor. This will allow for iPad users to switch between applications quickly without as much lag or between time.

“Apple is trying to make iCloud the place people go to store all their applications and content,” Kerravala said. “So to me LTE makes a whole lot of sense as part of the iPad 3, along with the high-resolution screen, faster rendering, and better games. With LTE, iPad 3 users could leverage iCloud — and that would help promote the concept of the all-Apple buyer. This is very consistent with what Apple has done with iPhone.” Bloomberg’s Zeus Kerravala

According to reports from various sources the iPad is already being produced by Foxconn’s Chinese factories. The biggest factor in all of this news about the iPad 3 is about how well Apple will do without their “marketing face” Steve Jobs. Many say Apple will just step down from their “high throne” and just become another company but in my prospective no one will ever have all the great features have to offer. Apple has not yet officially commented but who knows? Maybe we will see an iPad left in a bar this time to let us know it’s coming soon?