(AP Photo/Andy Wong) A large crowd is turned away by a sign reading

A lot of our talk lately has been about CES week and many evolving things from Las Vegas. Well, what happens in Vegas may just stay in Vegas. As of late, many Apple rumors have been circulating throughout the web that include some of the top “heard of rummors”. During the week Apple sent invites out for a “education-related event” that is being held in New York at the Guggenheim Museum. This event is expected to be mainly focused on Apple’s iBookstore and other resources available to the educational community. This in fact does correlate with rumors that were previously circulating about Apple hosting an event from their Cupertino, California headquarters. One of the nation’s leading retailers- Target has admitted that they are building enhanced displays for Apple products in a limited number of their stores from around 25-30.

In the midst of all of this technology news there has been a potentially bad event that has taken place in the Apple community. Apple released their iPhone 4S to China this week and it did not make a great first impression. In Beijing, Apple’s flagship store did not open on time and failed to release the iPhone 4S. This unusual turn of events coming from Apple left many people that had been waiting outside for the past 24-48 hours in the inclement weather. So, when the store did not open at 7:00AM as proclaimed, the crowd erupted in anger and chaos. Some fans were so frustrated with the store not opening on time eggs and other objects were thrown at the building. Due to all of the chaos, representatives at the Apple Store decided not to open the store and post a sign [as seen above] in the store’s window saying that “iPhone 4S is temporary out of stock”. After the area had been cleared and the crowds had been escorted out of the area Apple spokeswoman Carolyn Wu had this to say on why the store did not open;

“We were unable to open our store at Sanlitun due to the large crowd, and to ensure the safety of our customers and employees, iPhone will not be available in our retail stores in Beijing and Shanghai for the time being…”

There were other Apple Stores in China still selling the iPhone 4S on its release date but with limits. One of those stores was the Apple Store in Shanghai. It limited its iPhone 4S sells to only 2 per person. Some people made the comment that were over 2,000 people lined up outside the store at one point which is not an unusual thing for the new releases of Apple products. Apple did refer that those who wanted to buy the iPhone 4S near the Beijing store should “go online and purchase…” to avoid these circumstances in the future.