This is the week of CES 2012, and some nice new notebook PCs are shown here. Many of these PCs, especially those featuring a touch screen, were loaded with Windows 8 Developer Preview. This brings us the subject of Windows 8 PCs.

Given the fact that Windows 8 now features a touch-first UI along with the tradition Windows UI, we can expect some new forms of Windows devices being more popular in the market, especially those involving a touch screen. But what kind of device would be perfect for Windows 8? Well, the answer to that is difficult actually, given that different people have different needs. However, I believe that one of the two distinct types of device will make for a perfect Windows 8 device, depending on one’s needs.

The iPad’s Direct Competitor: These are the ARM based Windows 8 devices. ARM chips are the ones that power tablets like the iPad and the Kindle Fire. These chips, though not as powerful, do not require a fan, stay cool, and give a long battery life; as such, these chips are one of the big reasons for the iPad’s success. Windows 8 is the first version of the Windows line that will be able to run on ARM chips. However, Windows 8 running on ARM devices will only be able to run the new Windows 8 apps, and not old Windows 7 and earlier desktop apps (aka x86 apps).

These devices, like the iPad, will offer slim design, and long battery life. But, again like the iPad, they will not be able to run complex, traditional, Windows apps like Visual Studio and the full-fledged MS Office. These devices are aimed towards the customers that want a light device on the go and do not want to use them for complex tasks. As such, Windows 8 on ARM are perfect alternatives to Apple’s iPad.

The Full-Fledged Windows Tablets: This is the other type of device that I believe will be perfect for those who are looking for a tablet with more capabilities than the iPad but with the same, fun, touch UI. These tablets will run using the desktop CPUs, like Intel’s and AMD’s. As such, along with featuring a touch-first UI and running the new Windows 8 apps, these devices will also be able to run the traditional Windows applications made for Windows 7 and earlier.

Because these devices will be full-fledged PCs, they will feature slots like USB, SD Cards, and the ability to connect to external monitors. The great thing about this is the fact that we can, then, plug in our external mouse, keyboard, and monitor to our tablets, and, voila, we have a full Desktop machine running Windows. When we would want to have that same device on the go, we would just take off the keyboard, mouse, and monitors, and we have an iPad like tablet! These are great for those who want a tablet for business, those who want to do more with their tablet device, and, of course, those who were longing to play Windows games on their iPad! Of course, battery life will not be as good as ARM devices, but they will be decent, with some going up to 10 hours!

I am also hoping that we will see tablet devices with detachable keyboard/track pad. Then we will have a truly convertible laptop/tablet.

Well there you have it, folks! These are your perfect Windows 8 devices. What Windows 8 device would be a perfect device for you? Let us know via the comments, or send us a tweet!