I would be the first to say the Microsoft’s attempt at bringing singing and Twitter together in this fashion sucked big time…or did it? I was in the middle of live blogging the Microsoft CES keynote when Ryan Seacrest (the defacto host for the keynote)n announced and called out the Tweet Choir along with Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer. Then the next few minutes after are really hard to describe with words. All I can say is that Twitter should NEVER be included in singing, let alone choirs. Many people (including myself) called the choir a big #FAIL, but is that really true?

That would be the Tweet Choir

With all the attention the Tweet Choir got, it’s really hard to call them a fail. With anybody or anything, no matter how bad or good they are, combined with some medium to promote them usually gain some sort publicity and move on from there. I would really like to know who that choir actually is and where they hail from. (They’re the Las Vegas Mass Choir.) I guess things are best kept a secret for now. What I do know thanks to a little thing called an intuition is that this is not the last we’ll see of the Tweet Choir. I see them on some TV show soon. perhaps some sort of competition based show (**cough** American Idol **cough**) or maybe even some commercials. Too bad Geico changed their commercial format where they would have a customer tell their story with the help of some famous celebrity (LOVE the Peter Frampton one.)

I predict that this wasn’t that last we’ll see of the Tweet choir. All it takes is a little exposure to spread fame, whether ill-fated or not. Although every part of my being doesn’t want me to say this, I say that the Tweet Choir was a success.