How is Dish pulling this one off, you ask? Well Dish has gone through a pretty impressive transformation with a new logo, a new look, and even new company mascots (2 kangaroos from down under named Joey and Hopper. Yes there is significance to those names.) Well just moments ago Dish announced their new product line for home entertainment. Remember those two kangaroo’s names?

With with these devices here you will be able to record 4 prime TV channels as well as two secondary channels simultaneously Thanks to the utilization of the Hopper and Joey boxes. The Hopper is the central box that can have up to 3 Joeys hooked up to 1 Hopper. The Hopper is utilizing the features of music, movies, and television and streaming TV to the Joey boxes located in seperate rooms in the house. The Joey boxes can be used like any other box except for one important thing. They themselves dont have satellite receivers in them. So they depend on connectivity to the hopper to give the viewer TV and other content to consumer.

As if the Hopper and Joey weren’t exciting enough, Dish is now introducing 12 MBPS Broadband Internet connectivity with their TV service for $79.99/month. Now that’s pretty fast and competitively priced which gives Time Warner Cable and other TV and Internet service providers a run for their money in the same pricing market.

All in all the Dish press event was pretty interesting. I can’t wait to see how this helps out Dish in the long run.