Google +1 Extension
Google +1 Extension in Action

Back in summer of 2010, Google released something branded as Google+. It is a social, sharing, and blogging platform. Like Facebook’s “Like” button feature that allows us to “like” a webpage, Google+ offers the exact same function with its “+1” button. Like that of Facebook’s, some websites contain +1 buttons that allow users to “+1” the page. The “+1” then is publically shared in the user’s Google+ profile page. The +1 button in the site shows how many people have “+1’d” the site.

Since Google+ is still relatively new, most website do not include a +1 button yet; so, “+1’ing” those websites are difficult. However, Google has provided a very easy way to +1 any webpage you choose! Doing so is as easy as pressing one button.

There is a Google Chrome extension called “+1”. It allows users to +1 any page they are currently in by pushing the “+1” button on the Google Chrome +1 extension button.  The button then shares that +1 to the user’s Google+ page. The button also shows how many users have “+1’d” that page. Once you “+1” a page, the extension will give you the option to share a comment about the page, which is also share to your Google+ profile page. Essentially, the extension does everything that “+1” buttons do on the site.

You can get the extension here:

Well there you have it! You can now +1 any page! So go ahead and give this a try by “+1’ing” this page! If you got a tip for us, feel free to leave a comment or let us know on twitter at @techtronica, our Facebook page, at, or our Google+ page.