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Technology has come a long way in sports. At one point we all remember the classic movies of a kid standup on top of “billboard-like” fixture with a chalkboard attached to it writing and erasing points, etc. Well ladies and gentleman, welcome to the Techletics Age. [Yes, that’s right I just made up a new word] Technology has evolved so much in sports the past 20-20 years it is almost unimaginable to anyone older than 40. [No offense :] For the past few years of my life I’ve always done scoreboard for local football and basketball games. Any part of technology related to sports I’ve taken part in maintaing at some point. I’m used to ElectroMech’s usual scoreboard but this year I got a bit of surprise. Our local high school recently has relocated to their brand new facilities. Everything from the Video Production room to the gym has brand new technology that for a technology lover [like myself] is a dream come true.  The new addition to the brand new gymnasium was a stat board. [Seen below]

As you can see this board looks pretty simple and straight to the point. Well, when you sign up for something that most people don’t know [or want] to know how to do you might end up with the short end of the stick… This board was painfully hard to work due to almost never being caught up. You have to change players by who is “active” in the game all on the board shown below.

Another addition to the school is a brand new sound system. No offense to the old Habersham Central High School but it was getting a nice age on the sound system and building overall… The sound system can be ran from almost anywhere in the gym. I usually run music and if I have to say so myself it is one of the best sounding gymnasiums I have ever heard blare music. Great facility along with great staff. Without this technology we’d still be keeping stats on paper and clock, score and major variables in this game would be vary hard to know from a spectator’s point of view.

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