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Well, as we all know most US Cellular companies have been somewhat truthful in how they advertise their data by confirming that they do throttle your cellular plan’s data or have a set usage plan like AT&T. Well, someone has finally [possibly accidentally] come out of the closet about their data plan. Sorry to tell everyone but today, Sprint’s CEO; Dan Hesse has admitted that Sprint is throttling the Data used by their top 1% of users. He did not state a certain data usage that puts Sprint’s users in that 1% range but he did directly say this:

“For those that want to abuse it, we can knock them off,” Hesse said.

Also after this statement was made and Hesse made the comment that they were throttling Sprint executive Bill White had this to say on the what Hesse said:

“We don’t throttle our unlimited postpaid customers…” “He is not referring to postpaid.”

“Unlimited doesn’t mean you can hook it up to a server farm…”

So two different people in the same company with two different beliefs. He must be with marketing because apparently they don’t know what Sprint is really doing either, advertising with phrases like;

“The Only National Carrier with no throttling, no metering, no overages.”

As some of us may know Sprint has already taken away Pre-Paid Business’s Unlimited Data and Laptop Cards. In the past, Sprint retreated on their unlimited offers from all plans except for its smartphone data plan. So is there really a true unlimited plan in the US anymore? Will Verizon prove us wrong and prove that one of their CEO’s had the wrong story? All I have to say is don’t depend on the Sprint Marketing team to let you know what’s going on. They know about us much as their Executives do but the CEO knows more. Personally, I believe Sprint should be sued for false advertisement. Do you not think so? Post your comments below and let us know!