Once again the world wide web has turned their direction to a new “discovery” as some would call it or what some could believe it to be a release by Casey Anthony herself. Early morning on January 5th different news sources started getting tips and information that someone had found a video of Casey Anthony speaking out in what is being referred to as a diary while others are referring to it as a waste of time or just flat our pointless. Many news television shows are currently debating on if she’s making money on this, what people would do if she made a YouTube Channel and who would watch it.

“Who would gain from this? Who would benefit?” “Instead of using her time to put herself in a low cut tank top back in the national media, maybe she should be out helping missing and murdered children, for starters” – Nancy Grace- HLNTV

While Anthony’s parents will not comment on the video due to “protecting their daughter’s whereabouts and safety” there is a lot of buzz going on about it on YouTube. As you can see below

many people are re-posting the videos trying to get publicity from it but only one [so far] claims that he was the first to post it to YouTube. Jon Briley is this man who has gotten over 40,000 views from this video [ignore the statistic below the video it’s incorrect] He is the creator of a Facebook page that revokes Casey Anthony and her suspected [but proven innocent] acts and claims that he found the video on a pay-per-view website which he has not yet released the name of. More information is to come about this topic as it is available. You can see the Casey Anthony Video Diary below or clicking here.