Techtronica has been growing recently, and managing the site has become more and more of a job. Yes, we have taken on a few extra people to help with the site, but we have decided to move to a better option. With the rate of growth, we have decided to form a media management company called NeoSmart Media Management Co. (you can visit the temporary site here: NeoSmart MMC will deal with the more legal, and business aspects of techtronica along with the overall site maintenance. You will not see any major changes to Techtronica, nothing visual that is. Around the site soon, you can expect to see a site ad or two for NeoSmart MMC, along with along the road, advertisements for other blogs/media sites being managed by NeoSmart MMC. We hope this will help improve the overall content of the site, along with over time, improving the traffic to the site and originality of the posts.

Thanks for taking the time to read this short post,

-Techtronica Staff & the NeoSmart MMC Staff.