We are at another new year. 2012 is here and we are all still alive! To celebrate the new year, we are going to have a little fun here. Some of the authors at Techtronica have come up with some of their predictions of what will happen by the end of the year (other than the end of the world). The predictions range from Apple’s iPad, to Google+, to Windows 8 to 3DTVs. We have listed the names of the authors followed by their predictions. If you have your own predictions, agree or disagree with the authors, or have any other comments or questions, we look forward to hearing from you. Leave a comment bellow or message us via twitter, facebook, or Google+

Nazmus Shakib Khandaker

Windows Store ScreenshotThe tablet market will explode with mindshare and products

With the iPad and the Kindle Fire’s notable success, there is no doubt that many other manufacturers will join the race for similar success. Yes, android tablets have been around 2011, but it is not until the Kindle Fire that android tablets have seen its true potentials. I would expect more customized and branded android tablets this year.

Let’s not forget Windows 8. Microsoft is in full throttle to push its next Windows OS into tablets. Windows 8 features a touch-first user experience, with fluid animations and response. With the new Windows 8 App Store and revolutionary Windows Applications, Windows 8 tablets will be a huge influence in this market.

By the end of 2011, consumers are now fully aware of and interested in this new way of computing, and, thus, it is only expected that in the year 2012 will see a boom in tablet purchases.

Windows 8 will be a huge hit and a great threat to the iPad

I know this is a bold statement, but bear with me. I am confident that Windows 8 will be a very successful both in the desktop and the tablet market.

The success of Windows 8 revolves around that Windows 8’s excellent ability to be backward compatible the ability to outperform Windows 7 even in the basic level. The desktop mode in Windows 8 allows almost full compatibility with Windows 7 programs and usability. With the addition of new desktop features, like a built in Anti-Virus, Window color that change to suit the wallpaper, ribbon in explorer, built in Virtual Machine, and a bunch of other stuff allows one to look at Windows 8 desktop as Windows 7 Plus! It is essentially Windows 7 with a bunch of new features. Let us not forget that Windows 8 also uses less ram to run and yields a better performance.

In the tablet market, Windows 8 will offer something Android fails to do. Like the iPad, Windows 8 will offer a unified experience that lacks the fragmentation of Android, UI overlays, and update hassle. But unlike the iPad, Windows 8 will also offer a choice of hardware and the ability to go deep in customization.

This will be the year of streaming

I am predicting that streaming will take a big step towards the war against cable television. I expect to see other direct competitors to Netflix. Not only that, I am also expecting companies to continue innovating. Like Google did with Google Music in 2011, I am betting that companies like Google will present more video and streaming related services. YouTube is a great candidate for playing a big role here.

Apple TV rumors have been stronger than ever in the year 2011. Apple is expected to do something revolutionary with TV, and I hope, perhaps, Apple can advance streaming while putting a huge blow towards the cable companies.

Joe Landor

Photo of the iPadThe Introduction of the iPhone 5 and a some form of a new iPad

The rumor mills have been grinding, as you all already know. Timing next year will be just about right for an iPad release (can’t say it’ll be called the iPad 3.) the timing would also be right for the iPhone 5, as Apple did the same thing with the 3GS and the 4. So Apple is following a pattern they always do. Look for a mid to late summer release for the iPhone 5 and a Q1 release for the iPad.


I predict that Google will hit 400-500 million users before 2012 ends.


Brett Young

Web Browsing

I predict that Web Browsing will go to another level. Bigger and Better with the ability to automatically convert different code language to like HTML 5.

Google Products

I predict that Google will change to another design including all of its products and that Google AdSense will be allowed to be registered with Regular Google Accounts


iPredict that Apple will come out with a fully designed internet TV for use in homes. iAlso Predict that Apple will vanish the Mac Pro and Make a better model then it is now..

Austin Allen

The year of 2011 has come and gone, and now we are looking forward to 2012. With a new year come advances, especially in technology. This upcoming year has many tech savvy individuals gritting their teeth to get their hands on the latest technology. This year is expected to contain the release of a new iPad, iPhone, improvements in 3D television, and many more gadgets.

Game Consoles

In 2012, I expect an announcement of a new Xbox, or PlayStation. This is likely to be just an announcement. The actual gaming system will probably not come out until 2014. The reason for this is because Microsoft is still trying to get the most out of the Xbox 360, and the Xbox 360 has finally gotten into its prime.

Apple iPad and iPhone

I also expect a new iPad in early 2012, assumedly being called the iPad 3. This iPad is expected to have a retina display screen, and 2 dual core processors with an A5 chip. I also expect a new iPhone. I believe this iPhone should be called the iPhone 5. There are no speculations on what software the new iPhone will have, but what is expected is a change in hardware. Many Apple lovers were disappointed with no change in the hardware for the iPhone 4s, but Apple will make up for this with the iPhone 5.

Apple MacBook

I expect a new MacBook Air in a few months. This MacBook air will have software improvements, and will also be even thinner than the previous model. Shortly after the release of the MacBook Air, I expect a newer MacBook Pro. This MacBook will contain a retina display.

3D TVs Will Finally Succeed

Last, but not least, will be 3D television. The release of the current 3D televisions was a major failure. This is because of the bulky, expensive glasses, and the hassle it takes to just watch your favorite shows. There also aren’t a lot of movies, or T.V. shows that are in 3D. Soon, more movies, shows, and video games will come out in 3D and will make 3D television a huge success.

More Gadgets: Fad or Revolution?

There will be many more gadgets, software updates, and even something that no one has heard of come out in 2012. Will these things be successful, or will they miserably fail? That is the question.


Well, this has been our predictions of what may happen in this amazing year. Stick with us during this year and we will continue to give you tech news and discussions. At the end of this year, we are going to revisit this article and see which of our predictions actually came true! We would love to here from you, so  Leave a comment bellow or message us via twitterfacebook, or Google+