We all have old gadgets lying around that we don’t use all that much. It may also happen that we might get a gift (as prone during this holiday season) that we really are not going to use or have any want for. At that point, the question becomes, then, is what are we to do with them? I am going to share with you some ideas that you can implement to recycle your old gadgets and unwanted gifts.

Turn them into Pure Gold

Well, maybe not gold, but we can dream can’t we? Actually, you can turn your gadgets and gifts into cash, which is the next best thing to gold. Selling gadgets can give you immediate cash. One good place to sell your tech gadgets is Gazelle at gazelle.com. This website lets you sell take your gadgets that you no longer want and give you money in return. If your gadget(s) is/are worth more than a dollar, shipping is free.

Getting started is simple, just go to their website and either search for the gadget you are trying to sell or pick one from the categories that best fits your gadget. They will ask you things like brands (if applicable) and the product generation. For example, when I searched for an mp3 player, it asked me the brand. I chose Apple’s iPod. It then asked me what generation iPod it was. It will also ask if you have a customization on it. I was asked, for example, if the iPod had any engravings on it. Finally, you will be asked about damage, from perfect too few scratches to more severe damages. All these will affect the estimated amount you will receive.

Of course, the newer the gadget is and the better the condition it is in, the more it will be worth. That is an important thing to keep in mind. For example, my 4th generation iPod with some damage was worth only $12. At that point, I felt that it is worth just keeping that thing than only get $12 for something I paid over $100! But, if you are trying to sell a gift that you have no reason to keep, it may be worth a lot of money as it is generally a new product and in perfect condition.

Show some Good Will (Pun Intended)

One way to get rid of old gadgets and unwanted gifts is to build up your karma. This can be an opportunity to be generous and make others happy. You can give your old gadgets to a family member or friend. There are also options such as Good Will Stores and The Salvation Army that will gladly take your things you want to get rid of. Two years ago, we donated our CRT Computer Monitor to Good Will, for example. Someone else may very well need or want what you no longer want; so, why throw it away?

Do a Giveaway

If you have followers online, your old gadgets (in good condition) may give you the opportunity to get more followers by doing a giveaway that, say, integrates with a contest. The winners will benefit and so will you through, hopefully, added interactions and followers

Have some fun with it or keep it as a treasure!

If all else fails, you may want to destroy it or keep it as a memory treasure. Perhaps if you keep it as a treasure, one day, your gadget may become a rare item that would be worth a lot. I would love to be able to say I have one of the original Apple II computers.

However, if you do decide to throw it away, why not do it with style? You can try smashing it, recording the destruction and putting it online. This entertains you and your audience; it also gives you the chance to measure the durability of a gadget.

Bonus Content

As our valued reader, we would like to share with you bonus content. This video is from the lockergnome community, and it talks about how you can sell your old computer. Face it, now-days, computers are so cheap that buying used computers isn’t all that cheaper than buying a new one. With that, this video will give you tips on how to successfully sell your old computer by adding value to it.

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